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Pyrate Assassin

  • It was a cordial visit with Queen Elizabeth I, but it set in motion events that threatened execution in the dreaded Tower of London. Young Captain Garret Connachan struggles with an assassination mission involving a Spanish Viceroy, sensing he offers so much more to Queen, country…and even beyond.

    Forced to hide on pirate-infested Isla Tortuga, Connachan’s only ticket to freedom risks being lost to bitter rivals—Harker and De Graaf. The two most feared brigands in the Caribbean Sea have their own scheme regarding the Viceroy. They see a path to riches that demands Garret’s elimination. At stake is all-out war between England and Spain.

    A 2021 Page Turner Writing Award Finalist

    “This book is completely AMAZING! I was thinking the first one was good, but the sequel just gets better and better. There is action from the beginning to the end. Not a moment of peace!”
    —Natália de Oliveira, OneDemiGodess Books

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