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Getting into Ritchfield Academy promises a bright future, but instead opens a haunting path. When a classmate is sexually assaulted, Garret Connachan understands instinctively that coming to her aid is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, noble intentions shatter the future into fragmented shards. Soon discarded into a world of marauding, treasure-hunting pirates led by legendary Captain Drake, Connachan strives to earn respect by taking the lead in scorching battles. A deeply hidden truth, however, threatens to unravel Garret’s very existence.

A Page Turner Awards 2021 Finalist

“In his debut novel, Reidr Daniels strove to intricately weave a fascinating period of history into his amazing work of fiction in a deft coming of age tale. Extremely well researched, it is also a fast-moving story that gives a peek inside the world of empire-building that provided opportunities of heroism for those brave enough to run towards the cannon fire rather than away from it.”

—Dave Carroll, Author

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Young Captain Garret Connachan struggles in the aftermath of a Spanish Viceroy’s assassination. Already disowned by England, Garret learns of an arch enemy’s plan to defraud the King of Spain and seize tens of thousands of gold doubloons. The dreaded pirate Yauggan de Graaf, architect of the scheme, intends to cast blame for the ransom scheme on Captain Connachan. Needing to overturn De Graaf’s plan, or face being forever labeled a pirate by both the English and Spanish empires, Garret seizes on an unexpected opportunity to turn the tables. Success hinges entirely on an infiltrator of questionable loyalty, who finds himself in a maze of several players who seek their own fortune within De Graaf’s scheme. Freedom is anything but free.


A 2022 Page Turner Writing Award Finalist

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It was a cordial visit with Queen Elizabeth I, but it set in motion events that threatened execution in the dreaded Tower of London. Young Captain Garret Connachan struggles with an assassination mission involving a Spanish Viceroy, sensing he offers so much more to Queen, country…and even beyond. Forced to hide on pirate-infested Isla Tortuga, Connachan’s only ticket to freedom risks being lost to bitter rivals—Harker and De Graaf. The two most feared brigands in the Caribbean Sea have their own scheme regarding the Viceroy. They see a path to riches that demands Garret’s elimination. At stake is all-out war between England and Spain.

A Page Turner Awards 2021 Finalist

It’s completely AMAZING! I was here thinking that the first one was good, but the sequel just gets better and better. There is action from the beginning to the end, not a moment of peace!  

-- Natalia de oliveira, One Demi-Godess Books

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Enraged by Captain Garret Connachan’s participation in the assassination of his Viceroy, Spanish King Philip commissions a fleet of Spanish warships to invade Isla Tortuga. Learning of the coming assault, Garret is compelled to coalesce competing pirate captains, on the premise that their only safe haven is now on the verge of annihilation. But their resistance to joining forces includes a demand to free young Connachan’s dreaded rival, Yauggan De Graaf—the man previously marooned by Garret on a treacherous volcanic island. An unexpected development emerges from a contentious battle over the future of piracy in the South Seas.

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