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Pyrate Rising

  • Getting into Ritchfield Academy promises a bright future, but instead opens a haunting path.
    When a classmate is sexually assaulted, Garret Connachan understands instinctively that coming to her aid is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, noble intentions shatter the future into fragmented shards.


    Soon discarded into a world of marauding, treasure-hunting pirates led by
    legendary Captain Drake, Connachan strives to earn respect by taking the lead in scorching battles. A deeply hidden truth, however, threatens to unravel Garret’s very existence.


    A #1 New Seller on Amazon - December 2021

    A 2021 Page Turner Writing Award Finalist

    “This novel offers something special—meticulously researched, crammed with vividly described action, and embedded with a shocking twist. Thrilling and real.”
    —Rob James, Author

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